• End Veteran homelessness in America

Our Goal:

Blue Can

  • Distribute and sell H2O(H), JUST FLUID, and Blue Can emergency water to generate revenue to fulfill the need.
  • Identify partners to support the plan
  • 90 percent of net profits from sales will go directly toward the H2O(H) Initiative
  • 10 percent used for administrative costs

Campaign Goal

  • Sell products to generate revenue to fulfill the need.
  • Engage consumers to participate in campaign: Social media, word of mouth etc.
  • Engage Federal, State, Local and Community organizations to participate in campaign
  • Engage corporate America to participate in campaign: Sponsorships, donations, product co-branding etc.
  • Identify and vet organizations who deliver goods and services to homeless and at-risk Veterans, and to organizations that coordinate the provision of homeless services, and develop policies and methods for the delivery of homeless services for funding distribution

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