A Grateful Nation

National Gratitude

The foundation of our country is based in the freedoms that we exercise daily. Our freedoms are the result, in part, of a strong military capability. Our military strength is based on the oath, commitment and sacrifices of our military men and women. Without their commitment and dedication to our security, there would be no freedom. No freedom means no democracy and no democracy means no America as we know it. There is a strong and growing need to express our gratitude for our freedoms, which reflects a strong and growing need to communicate our gratitude to our military men and women.

The United States of America is a collective set of values that we exercise and enjoy daily; activities we all enjoy but few speak of on a regular basis. The time has come to express our freedoms on an open and regular basis. America, “We must become a movement to express our gratitude in a manner that brings awareness and appreciation to those most responsible for our freedoms”. A movement of this type will yield a greater sense of solidarity. It will also yield an inner feeling of fulfillment that comes with doing what is right.

There is a brand, which was recently developed and introduced into commerce that will do just that; honor our troops. The brand is called “A Grateful Nation™”. And as part of the logo the brand is represented with a red, white and blue flag crafted in the shape of the United States of America; pictured here. AGN is a powerful and provocative brand.

It describes, it defines, it defies opposition to the principle it represents. In its construction, these 3 powerful words, in combination with the American flag in the shape of the United States paint an undeniable picture of community, an individual yet collective point of view. “A Grateful Nation™” begs the question “for what” and “to whom“.

In its simplicity there is power of recognition and understanding. It demands an allegiance from every American citizen and perhaps every individual that lives on American soil. It speaks to Freedoms, penned as rights that can be found documented in a guiding instrument called the Bill or Rights.
A Grateful Nation™” demands participation for purposes to sustain the very ideals it represents. It is froth with possibilities and potential for discovery, creativity and success that are found in the Freedoms it embodies.

For every gift there is a giver; those that make sacrifices that are parallel to the magnitude of the gift. In the case for “A Grateful Nation™”, we are speaking about those women and men that protect our Freedoms, protect our land and protect our families. Veterans define the “to whom” and we live the “for what” every day we enjoy the security and peace of mind of living in the United States of America.
In our brand we sign an oath written on our hearts; we make a pledge to be a grateful nation in our efforts to remunerate them for their sacrifices, many until death. We are reminded that with many lives sacrificed, there are also widows and orphans left to mourn and survive.

We PROMISE to eliminate the condition “Homeless Veteran”, because we are “A Grateful Nation™

American Veterans, We Salute You And We Honor You For Your Selfless Acts Of Bravery And Commitment.