Honor 2 Our Heroes Foundation H2O(H) & VA 25+1 Cities Initiative

The 25 Cities Initiative started in March 2014, it’s aim was to assist communities that had a high number of homeless Veterans.  The initiative’s mission was to help local efforts being made to end Veteran homelessness. The initiative brough to an end in September 2016. Between the start and August 2016 – 29,499 Veterans found housing across the 25 cities involved in the initiative. From January 2015 to the end of the initiative, the 25 citites involved helped house an average of 58 Veterans/month.  

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A Grateful Nation, LLC

A Grateful Nation (AGN), a for-profit organization, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) have partnered with Honor 2 Our Heroes (H2OH) to help end Veteran homelessness. The shared goal is to help Veterans comfortably transition from homelessness to permanent housing.  The partnership is mutually beneficial as 90% of net profits from sales of AGN bottled and canned water will be donated to H2OH.  

Honor 2 Our Heroes

Honor 2 Our Heroes (H2OH) is a faith-based organization established by its founder with the intent of utilizing donations and profits received from sales of bottled water, canned water and other items to assist in funding third party faith-based and non-profit organizations who deliver services and goods to homeless and at-risk Veterans, and to organizations that coordinate the provision of homeless services and develop policies and methods for the delivery of homeless services. Honor 2 Our Heroes is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization

Two words that should never be stated together: Homeless and Veteran

Blue CanYet, nearly 50,000 men and women U.S. military veterans, who once wore our nation’s uniform and protected our freedom, are now sleeping in our nation’s streets. (2014 Point-in-Time count by HUD, U.S. Veterans Affairs)

  • 12 percent of all homeless adults in America are Veterans.
  • The VA and regional initiatives can help move homeless veterans into safe housing.
  • Together we can remedy this issue, together we can provide opportunity for every Veteran to acquire a safe and permanent place to call home.

Our Goal:

  • Identify partners to support the plan
  • Engage corporate partners to participate through sponsorships, donations and product co-brandings
  • Generate through product sales and donations revenue to fulfill the need.
  • 90 percent of net profits will go directly towards the H2O(H) initiative
  • 10 percent used for administrative costs

H2O(H)’s Goal

  • Sell H2O(H), Blue Can emergency and JUST FLUID water to generate revenue to fulfill the need.
  • Utilize donations and profits generated from sales of bottled water, canned water and other items to assist in funding third party faith-based and non-profit organizations whose mission is to provide goods and services for homeless Veterans

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No More Homeless VeteransYour support of our water puts veterans into homes